Proper winterization of your Vactor combination sewer cleaner is essential to prevent damage that can be caused by water freezing in the tank. Below, we have included a link to our step-by-step Vactor winterization guide to prevent ice from forming in your water system. 

In addition to the step-by-step guide, here a few tips to help you avoid ice damage: 
  • Verify that water flows when valves or plugs are opened. Ensure that ice has not plugged drain lines, valves or drain plugs. 
  • Leave all drain plugs open to keep residual tank water from the tanks from migrating to the system during transport.  
  • Leave all valves open, Y-strainers out and drain plugs out when the unit will sit overnight or longer. This will allow residual water to drain. 
  • If the unit cannot be properly drained, move the unit to a warm area and allow the water system to completely drain. 
  • Never operate water pumps if the system is frozen.
  • Call us at (800) 832-6417 with any questions. We can walk your operators through proper winterization procedures.
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